When remodeling your home, there are plenty of things you have to consider such as choosing the perfect furniture, placing art, checking paint swatches, etc. It is easy to make a mistake like hanging art pieces too high or choosing matte finish paint over a glossy one. Here at Elle Designs Co., we will be sharing with you the list of interior design mistakes to avoid when remodeling your home. If you want to know more information, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

Check out below the list of interior design mistakes to avoid when remodeling your home. 

Bad lighting

Lighting can affect a room’s appearance. You must use natural light from windows and doors and you must also consider adding backup secondary lighting. You can use mirrors to allow light to bounce around in the room, therefore, illuminating it. Allow the optimum amount of light to come into the room through windows and doors. 

Avoid using cheap light fixtures that cannot be dimmed or adjusted. Do not opt for light fixtures that just offer basic brightness, as it may result in having a too bright or dimly lit room that may look dull and boring. 

Choosing the correct lighting can provide your home with an aesthetic and functional effect. You can layer lights so you can have soft glowing pools of lights. It can be done by having a balanced installation of ambient lighting. You can use table lamps, accent lighting, and task lighting to have a well-lit and appealing home. 

Wrong scale

If you have a small room, you do not want to place small things inside it as the room may appear too cluttered and messy. Also, you must avoid placing huge furniture in a small room as it will look too stuffy and overcrowded. The size of the pieces that you use can affect the overall look of the interior. 

You can mix the scale by using different heights, shapes, and sizes of furniture pieces to make the room look unique and appealing. Setting up the right proportion can be quite tricky. It doesn’t mean that you have to use small furniture if your room is small. You can also set up a large statement furniture piece to hold the room together as it will serve as a centerpiece. 

Hanging art

If you love art pieces and you want to show off your art collection you must remember that you must get the spacing and height right. Remember the rule of thumb, you must hang wall art at eye level, placing it too low or too high can make the art piece look out of place. 

If you want to create a gallery wall in your living room, you must use at least a 10 cm distance between each frame. If you are planning to hang art above furniture such as a sofa or table, you must make sure that it is centered above and well-balanced with other furniture in the room. 

Statement staircase with a contemporary design and custom railing by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Organizing accessories

When organizing accessories, you must check if you have a lot of pieces that need to be let go. For example, if you have antique porcelain figures that do not belong to the design that you are going for, then you can place them in a different spot in your home. 

If you have keepsakes that you want to decorate in your home, you can place them in small clusters or organize them on a small tray. You can add a big piece to serve as an anchor for the other pieces and allow the smaller ones to stand out. You can use various sizes, shapes, and textures to make sure the décor will catch the attention of your visitors. 

Dark pieces in small spaces

One key mistake in designing a small room is using dark furniture. Most of the time, homeowners will use bulky, heavy, and dark furniture pieces. While most of the time, this is a harmless choice, it can make a room feel tight and crowded. 

If you live in small apartments, you must use light fabrics and finishes as they will be able to lift up the space. When choosing curtains, you should go for lightweight fabric with a light-reflecting color scheme. Keep the rest of the space with a pale color palette. 

Bright and airy kitchen with white cabinetry and marble countertops by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Not prioritizing fabrics

One common mistake most designers and homeowners end up making is putting a permanent wall color first. It can be a risky move. You must first prioritize choosing fabrics for rugs, carpets, curtains, sofa, and chairs before you decide which color to use for the walls according to the available shades of the fabric material you have chosen. 

When you have decided to remodel your home, you must choose the fabrics first and it will be easier to choose wall paint that works with the room’s fabric, lighting, and finish, rather than the other way around. 

Using the wrong rug

Using the right rug is essential because it plays an integral part in your room’s interior décor. If you choose the right rug, it can improve the appearance and aesthetic appeal of the whole room. You must remember when choosing a rug for your room, you must not choose one that is too small; it will make the space smaller and disorganized. You must ask an interior designer to help you with your rugs to make them do well in any space. 

Keep in mind that you must get a rug that is correct in size. This means your rug must be the right size for the room and it will come under the front half of each furniture piece in your living room. You must measure the available space and get a rug that will be the right fit. 

If you already own a smaller rug, you can still use it by setting it up to the sofa wall so it will play an important role in the seating layout and not the whole space. Even if the rug is smaller you can still use it. For example, you can place it under your lovely coffee table to make it the centerpiece of your living room. 

Forgetting to measure 

When remodeling a room in your home, the first thing that you must do is measure it. Measurements should include its width, height, and length. When you know the measurement of your room, you can make sure that your furniture pieces will fit perfectly. If you are not careful in doing this, you might buy something and it will end up too big or too small for your space. 

You can use a tape measure, a smartphone app, or a laser measurer and get the room’s dimensions accurately. This will not only save you time, but will also ensure that your furniture will fit your space like a glove. 

Cozy and inviting fireplace with a stone surround by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Using the wrong curtain length 

When choosing curtains for your space, you must avoid hanging curtains too low as it can make the walls of your space appear shorter and the finish will look inferior. 

You must use floor-length curtains even when its glazing does not reach the floor. When you use floor-length curtains, it will give your room or space a luxurious and homey appearance. You must remember that if you hang your curtains higher and the fabric has a longer length, it will make your space appear taller than it is. 

Severe budget buying

Anyone loves getting a bargain when shopping for products. You can get a lot of items for budget buys, especially if you know how to style and incorporate them into your space. If you are looking to update your home’s look on a decent budget, you can get a lot of furniture, décor, and other accessories to use for your home’s decoration. You can find them in second-hand stores or upcycle old furniture pieces that you own so you can use them again during the remodeling of your home. 

You can purchase items that can help uplift the appearance of your home. For example, you can purchase a furniture piece that can attract attention and even act as a centerpiece in your living room. 

If you need help with interior design when remodeling your home, you can benefit from hiring an interior designer such as Elle Designs Co. We provide full interior design service and we make sure to create a design that fits your space as well as your personality. We will help you improve your home so that it will make you thrive. 

Architecturally striking exterior design with clean lines and large windows by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas


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