Interior design is an art form that can be applied to any space. There are no set guidelines, but you’ll find many experts and professionals with years of experience who share their wisdom on the subject. We’ve compiled some great reading material for those looking into learning more. Here, we’re going to address some of the basic principles of interior design to guarantee the look and function of your home’s interior.

Why is interior design important?

Interior design plays an important role in our lives. When done correctly, it helps improve the functionality of our spaces so they will fit with our needs. An important element of interior design is the interior designer. They work hard to achieve a functional space for their clients.

They always make sure that the interior spaces they are designing are functional, safe, and visually appealing to their clients. Interior designers need to interact with their clients on a deeper level to understand what they want and customize the interior design of their space to suit their lifestyle and needs accordingly.

If you want to improve or renovate your space, you must follow these interior design principles.

Plan your space

In interior design, space planning must be done before anything else. Space planning is not just planning what furniture goes where or how it will be arranged in a specific space but it should also include the blocking out of interior spatial areas, checking the circulation patterns, and planning furniture layout and placement of equipment. 

According to interior designers, each interior design project starts by assessing a space. An interior designer will check the room’s functional deficiencies and how the elements can be utilized to suit the personality and needs of the individuals who live there. Interior designers must know how the homeowners use their space. 

A few questions can be asked, such as, “How do you use your space?” “What do you need to improve in your space?” “What does your space needs?” “How do you move inside your space?” “How do you start your day during the morning and end it during nighttime?”

During space planning, the main goal must be to create efficiency for each room. Most homeowners want to add more space and storage, but sometimes, easier and simpler solutions can be provided. For instance, a homeowner may approach an interior designer with a request for a large addition to their home, but when the designer checked the space, they may realize that a simple reorganization of the existing space and adding a smaller addition would provide what the homeowner needs.

Interior designers work hard to provide their clients the function they need without complicating it such as the expansion or addition of a larger space to the home. 

Rustic and charming fireplace with a reclaimed wood mantel by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Visualize the space 

Interior designers are responsible for planning how a client’s space should function. They will coordinate and ask the clients about their requirements, desired aesthetic, and atmosphere to create a working concept for their living spaces. When a space has been well thought out properly, it is possible to create timelessness and longevity in the living space of the client. The vision can be well implemented if you work with a reliable interior designer from Elle Designs Co. 

When an interior designer wants to properly convey the concept of the design, it can be compared to storytelling. This allows you to create a story on how the interior of the home would come together and function with the different design elements and pieces. 

Consider the construction process and the materials

The materials and construction process used for the remodeling will affect how the homeowners will experience the finished space. That’s why it is important to use high-quality materials. If you will use poor and low-quality materials, it will compromise the structure and even affect its safety and durability. 

It is best to use natural materials. Interior designers usually prefer using fabrics such as linen, silk, and wool. They always go for furniture made from solid wood construction as well as well-made antiques. You do not have to spend a lot of money when purchasing furniture and other appliances.

You just have to make sure that you are buying a quality piece. It is something that will last for a long time and won’t compromise your living space. You must check the material of the item if it is durable and if it is made to last. The furniture does not have to be expensive; you can always find quality items even at bargain prices. 

Spa-inspired bathroom design with a freestanding tub by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Use contrasting elements

Interior designers may consider using different materials, shapes, patterns, and textures – the difference between them can improve their inherent qualities. Most of the time, clients will want items that have the same visual value. Sometimes you have to consider using contrasting elements to allow the observer to see and appreciate the difference in its aesthetic appeal.

For example, a homeowner would want to go for geometric interior design because they are drawn to geometry, but you must not use all similar shapes all over the house. You can mix in a few shapes and sizes so you can appreciate the design more. It can also create a better flow in the space. 

Another example will be a client who has a favorite tile pattern, but it is a strong and overpowering pattern. An interior designer sometimes needs to implement other elements that are quieter and more subtle to make the important elements have a stronger presence. You can emphasize them by using different elements so the main element will stand out and be seen and not just blurred out by the adjacent elements. 

Be detail-oriented

An interior design will not work properly without its supporting details. When an interior designer is detail-oriented, they will specify the particulars and provide the supporting details to the overall vision of the design. Since there are a lot of items and products in the market that can look great and be tempting for you so you may want to purchase them.

However, you have to check if the following items will meet the goal for the intended interior design of your space. Because they look great but may not be the right choice for your space. For example, a big comfortable couch may seem cozy and inviting but it may not fit in your living room space. 

Cozy and inviting family room with a stone fireplace by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Be original

Each interior design project must be customized and personalized for the homeowner. It shouldn’t just cater to their design taste and preferences. A responsible interior designer must incorporate the client’s belongings such as antiques and heirloom items into the designated space.

You should be authentic and original with the design. If the goal of the interior design is to provide a modern and simple design you can still incorporate something unique such as an antique candelabra or a vintage chair because it can make the room more interesting. 

Achieve balance in the design

A room’s overall composition must achieve a balance instead of going after the creation of focal points. If you want to find balance in a space, it should first start with the room’s architectural features including the ceiling, windows, and doors and then you can add in pieces that can help achieve equilibrium. You can check the room and evaluate its sightlines according to the different vantage points. You can do this by checking each part of the room and evaluating its appearance from different angles. 

Hire an interior designer

An interior designer has the experience and skills as well as knowledge that can be applied when remodeling or renovating your space. They know when to add or remove any element to achieve the desired design or appearance for the space.

If there is too much of a specific element or if two elements are contrasting and weakening each other, you can remove them to achieve a perfect balance. This is where the negative space and “breathing room” enter into the overall design and appearance of a home. If you want to achieve a strong composition in interior design, you must not be afraid to remove some items. Sometimes, creating a simple but functional design that works for the homeowner is better. 

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