Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in a home, but they’re also one of the most used. It’s where you can unwind after a hard day at work by taking a hot bath. You’ve arrived at the right place if you want to renovate or upgrade your bathroom. Here at Elle Designs Co., we’ll provide a blog post describing how interior design may help you improve your bathroom. If you think this information is valuable for you, continue reading below to learn more.

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Before you begin with the remodeling or renovation of the bathrooms in your home you must first consider its primary users. This way you can make sure that the bathroom design will be correct and will suit the needs of its users. Keep in mind that the accents, fixtures, and lighting will also depend on the primary users of the specific bathroom that will be remodeled. 

Bathroom design

Interior design may be used to improve your bathroom. When it comes to decorating your bathroom, the main user should be considered first. If the master’s suite bathroom will be utilized by a married couple, for example, twin sinks with ornamental highlights might be appropriate. You may also include separate storage to meet the demands of the pair. On the other hand, if the bathroom is going to accommodate everyone in the family, safety features must be incorporated and you may go with a more neutral color scheme.

Bathroom renovations and remodeling can be tricky since it will involve plumbing and other hidden infrastructure that are not easy to remove and relocate. So you must be smart and plan it before you begin the remodeling or renovation project. You must draw a basic layout of the bathroom before the renovation begins. This way, you will know the exact dimensions of the bathroom and the location of the pipes and valves, so you can prevent any possible miscalculations or any other errors.

Designing the bathroom 

When designing the bathroom, you must place different features of the bathroom strategically. It must be located in areas where it makes sense. You can ask for help from a reliable interior designer like Elle Designs Co. so your bathroom will have a restful atmosphere that fits your needs. The basic fixtures and decorative accents must be planned properly because they should work with the overall design to make sure that your bathroom’s small space can be used to its maximum potential.

Major fixtures

The different fixtures of the bathroom are the following: bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet. These fixtures can be adjusted depending on the size of the room and how the plumbing system is installed and its location. The installation and location plumbing system can be limited but there are different design styles to choose from. 


Bathroom sinks come in a variety of styles. Freestanding, inset, and wall-mounted designs are all available. The most popular designs are round and oval; you can also choose seashells, square, and even unique and geometrical dimensions in bathroom specialty shops. Depths and colors may also vary significantly. Most adult couples would like double sinks because it allows them to personalize the room. But make sure there’s enough space for the two sinks as well as the room’s overall layout before purchasing them.

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Some bathrooms do not have a bathtub, but if you prefer to have one in your bathroom, you can consider a bathtub-shower combination. For master suites, most homeowners prefer to install either the whirlpool or jetted models. For shapes, you can choose from the most popular ones such as circular, oval, or rectangular. The bathtub can be placed along the wall, in the corner, or even in the center of the bathroom depending on the available space. The walls and flooring can be customized using marble, granite, rock, or tile. You can also install shelves for additional storage.


The shower can be installed as a single unit or combined with the bathtub, depending on your preference. Corner, rectangular, or round models are available to choose from. Showerheads also vary, such as detachable, massaging, and rain which are some of the most popular choices for homeowners, but it will depend on the primary user’s preferences and needs.


The toilet is considered the most functional primary fixture of a bathroom. There are different designs available, and the height and water flow can vary. The shapes and outlines may differ as well, and they can be customized according to the preferred style and space available in the bathroom.


To have a restful mood and atmosphere, you can customize your lighting in a bathroom. Most of the time, bathrooms are only installed with common lighting. Thanks to interior design, you can customize your bathroom’s lighting depending on your preference. You can choose from soft, muted light that provides a relaxing mood that can be adjusted accordingly.

You can incorporate natural light by using glass brick windows or privacy glass. You can also use studio lights, especially near a vanity for a woman who prefers good lighting when applying their makeup. Heat lamps can also be used to supplement steam and provide heat during a warm bath or a relaxing warm shower after a long day at work.


Bathrooms need storage so you can store toiletries, soap, and towels. You must choose wisely so you can incorporate a storage area that will complement the interior design of your bathroom. If your towels are plush and colorful, you can display them on decorative racks or open shelves. While the toiletries, linens, and other items like bath products, bubble baths, body products, etc. can be placed in a small closet inset into the bathroom wall.

You can place a medicine cabinet in a convenient location. It can be placed behind a mirror so it won’t take up a lot of space, especially for a small bathroom or it can be installed on the wall to provide more storage space above and below. Some bathroom products can be stored in the corner racks of the bathtub and shower. You can install over-the-door hooks as additional storage space so you have a place to hang your clothes, pajamas, or robes.

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After you’ve figured out what you want in a bathroom and planned the basic elements, selecting bathroom accents is also crucial. Decorative accents for the bathroom may be included into interior design. The user’s chosen preference may be reflected in the walls and flooring. It might also be used to set the tone – people like aqua, blue, white, and sometimes pastel hues. You can choose from a variety of tile patterns and designs.

Bubbles, surfboards, aquatic patterns, and water features are among the most popular colors, patterns, and prints used by homeowners. They include bubbles, waves, aquatic designs, or water elements. If you want a sleek design and décor but don’t want to go too far outside your comfort zone, consider marble (in basic tones with a minimalist concept), granite (with simple tones), or quartz (with simple tones) in simple hues.


Rugs, shower curtains, sink accessories, and toilet seat covers can also be purchased as a coordinating theme, style, design, and color to give the bathroom an overall character. You can choose from different styles and designs such as palm trees, aquatic creatures, fish, frogs, flowers, sailboats, etc. These designs are commonly used for a child’s bathroom but they can also be used in a bathroom if you are after a unique style. 

The other items that can be added to the bathroom that can provide a feeling of wellness and unique individuality to the bathroom are the following accent items:

  • Candles – You can add candles with varying scents to add to the relaxing mood and atmosphere during a bubble bath after a long day at work.
  • Floral arrangements or plants – You can use real or artificial plants and flowers. 
  • Decorative towels – They can be embroidered with patterns or the homeowner’s initials
  • Vanity mirror 
  • Framed artwork, vase, or jar
  • Fresh scents – To incorporate fresh scents you can choose floral, citrus, herbal hand soaps, and room spray to change the room’s mood and atmosphere. 

These small items can be used to add a personalized and unique touch to a bathroom to improve the relaxing mood and atmosphere of the space. 

Chic and stylish bathroom design by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

When designing a bathroom, you must remember the family’s potential growth before you finalize the renovation and remodeling plans. Homeowners who are planning to grow their family or stay in the home until they are older must choose bathroom fixtures and styles that can fit in with these changes, so they will not be doing a complete remodel for years to come. Altering designs and styles can become expensive.

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