If you need help renovating your outdoor living space or you just want to transform your backyard into a beautiful space where you can spend time with your family and friends, you came to the right place. One thing that surprises people is when they find out that interior design professionals are capable of designing exterior spaces. Learn more about this here, and find out how a great interior designer like Elle Designs Co. can create the perfect outdoor space for you. 

Can interior designers design outdoor spaces?

Yes, they can! They can work on your home’s patio, deck, gazebo, porch, balcony, or terrace. If your outdoor space is looking dull and needs sprucing up, maybe you need to hire an interior designer to work on it. If you love spending time in your outdoor space it is a must to renovate it with the help of an interior designer. They will help beautify the space and match it with your lifestyle and preferred theme. 

What are the different things an interior designer can do for your outdoor space?

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Choosing outdoor furniture 

Lounge chairs, tables, hammocks, and swings are some of the outdoor furniture that can be placed in your outdoor space. Just like your indoor space, you can also improve your outdoor space. An interior designer can help you find outdoor furniture that is appealing, comfortable, durable, and can withstand different weather conditions. 

Outdoor accessories 

You can renovate your outdoor space and ask an interior designer to help you choose outdoor accessories such as rugs, lanterns, plants, and small ornaments that can enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. You must also consider elements like lighting if you want to read a book in the evening or if you want to cook and socialize with your guests outside during nighttime, you must have great lighting in your outdoor space. 

Traffic flow 

Patios and poolside areas are quite popular during summertime. It is where you can host gatherings like barbecue parties for your family and friends. An interior designer can help you plan the outdoor space traffic flow so you and your guests can travel through the space with ease and without feeling crowded.

The traffic flow of the space will determine how people will get from inside to the outdoor space. This will encourage you and your guests to have fun and stay together because the outdoor space is planned properly. 

Special outdoor spaces 

Do you want to create an outdoor kitchen? Do you want to build a stone fireplace as your outdoor space focal point? You can hire an interior designer to help you incorporate big pieces in your outdoor space. 

Seamless design transition from indoors to outdoors 

Homeowners want their indoor and outdoor spaces to have a seamless design transition. An interior designer can help you accomplish it. The outdoor space does not have to mimic the exact design of your indoor space because you want them to have a unique feel and style.

Interior designers can help you create a transition from your indoor to outdoor space without going far from the original design of your home. It can be designed to complement the overall theme or design of your home. 

Tips to consider when planning an outdoor living space

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Consider the climate 

When preparing your outdoor space, you first consider the type of climate of the place where you live. Do you live in an area where you experience warmth throughout the year or an area that experiences snow for a long time?

Depending on the climate of your area, you can decide the type of landscaping and how you will maintain your outdoor space. You must also keep in mind to consider the water issues. Is your place prone to experiencing drought during summer? You can go for low-water landscape designs such as a rock garden and plant drought-tolerant plants that can go for a long time without water. 

Plan your budget 

When planning an outdoor space you must come up with a general budget and you must also consider the maintenance costs. You must remember that the outdoor space must be maintained properly as it is exposed to different weather elements. 

If you are planning to have a pool, you have to prepare its maintenance costs as well. If you want to have a pond or fountain, you must also prepare for the landscaping maintenance costs. 


When renovating the outdoor space of your home, you must also consider the comfort of those that will be using it. For example, if you live in an area that experiences bugs during summertime, you can consider a porch or lanai with screens. If you live in an area that experiences cold winter, you can install heaters in the porch ceiling or portable propane heaters.

If your area experiences too much heat and humidity, you can opt for porch ceiling fans. Make sure to install a patio cover, awnings, or umbrellas to provide shade from too much heat. It would be best if you also considered placing comfortable furniture so you can hang out with your family and friends during special gatherings. 

Plan how you will be using the outdoor space 

Before renovating your outdoor space, you must first create a list of how you will be using it. If you are fond of spending outdoors and socializing with your guests during summer you can go for an outdoor kitchen with a bar so you will have a place where you can cook and entertain your guests.

If you live in an area with a cold climate, you can install a fire pit and comfortable chairs so you can enjoy cozy marshmallow roasting sessions while enjoying a cup of cocoa during cold nights. 

Don’t forget to consider your future needs. If you are planning to have children or sell your home, you must create an outdoor space that will work according to your plans. 

Fix all the issues 

If your outdoor space has issues, you must first deal with them before you start the renovation process. For example, if your yard has dead trees you must first get rid of them before you start working on your dream outdoor space.

For your exterior design needs, choose an interior designer with experience and skills like Elle Designs Co. Are you planning to renovate your outdoor space? You can hire an interior designer like Elle Designs Co., to beautify your outdoor space so it will match your preferred style and fit your lifestyle.

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