The living room can serve a variety of purposes and assume several different forms. There are a few factors to take into account regardless of whether you want a formal seating area or a relaxed great room where everyone is welcome to hang out.

Overlooking these essential elements might affect how well your new house functions for you and how much you like it. This is especially true when considering the layout and design features of a bespoke home. So, when decorating your living room, keep these nine things in mind.


Your home’s layout will have a big impact on how your living room is designed. If it’s attached to your kitchen, you might want to use some sort of design element to create a cohesive look between the two spaces.

In addition, you’ll want to make sure that the rooms don’t conflict in any way. However, the design might be more apart from the other rooms’ aesthetics if the living room is more segregated.


Serene bedroom retreat designed by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

The layout and style of a room are greatly influenced by the lighting. Is there plenty of natural light? Which way does it receive exposure? Where will the overhead lighting be located? You should consider all of these things.

No matter what time of day it is, the room will stay well-lit if the lighting design is consistent. We advise installing a dimmer so that you can create specific moods as needed. Window placement, flooring, furniture arrangement, and window treatments are all aspects of interior design that are influenced by windows and natural light.


Ask yourself what you believe the area will be used for most frequently before you even begin to arrange your living room on paper. Will it be a room suitable for adults only or for families? Is there going to be a TV in that area? What about entertainment?

Knowing what you intend to use the room for allows you to better plan and design for that function. It’s common for folks to construct these huge rooms with a huge fireplace and windows while still wanting it to be a family-friendly space.

Now that the room has become unsafe for children, there is no acceptable place for the TV. Think about the function first to avoid making this error.


Modern living room with sleek furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a minimalist design by Elle Design Co in Wichika, Kansas

Although it can be difficult to define, it is clear when a home has or doesn’t have flow. Internal and exterior flow should be present in a room. Inside the room, you want visitors to be able to maneuver around furniture, easily navigate passageways, and understand what the area is for.

The use of focal points, couches, and rugs all contribute to the definition of the interior flow. You’ll also want your living room to blend in with the rest of your house. The arrangement of the room in the house should make sense.

People imagine themselves entertaining when they think of flow. Will there be enough space for people to mingle and hang out? What is the relationship between the living room and other major rooms such as the kitchen and dining room?

People also tend to overlook details such as the way the living room is positioned in relation to the bathroom that guests will be using. The living room should be near enough to the bathroom room for guests to find it, yet far enough away for privacy. 


A common blunder that individuals commit while creating their custom home living rooms is neglecting furniture considerations. If you already own furniture that you intend to place in the room, it is wise to ensure that it will fit by taking accurate measurements.

Ensure that there is adequate space in the room to accommodate all furniture items. Many individuals frequently create aesthetically pleasing living spaces that compromise the optimal arrangement of furniture.

Either the height of the TV becomes excessive when placed on top of a fireplace, or the couches obstruct a route. This is always a negative outcome, destroying a space regardless of its initial aesthetic appeal.

Little Details

Cozy and inviting living room with a plush sofa, coffee table, and soft lighting by Elle Design Co in Marion County, Kansas

The design and arrangement of a living room can greatly affect its overall functionality, with even minor details playing a crucial role. Small details such as light switches, power sockets, and air conditioning ducts are significant.

The locations should be both easily accessible and concealed. It’s imperative to have a nearby electrical socket in your living room for your television.

Privacy and Noise

Next to the kitchen, the living room is likely the area that experiences the most activity. These are places where you can enjoy a glass of wine or spend quality time with your family while watching movies.

Ensure that you carefully contemplate factors such as privacy and noise while strategizing your living space. Do you want to be able to shut the door and tune out your children’s loud cartoons while preparing meals?

This marks the point where the topic of open-concept versus partitioned rooms becomes pertinent. Although open-concept is a trendy choice currently, opt for the layout that suits you and your family’s needs and preferences.


On numerous occasions, customers express their desire for a spacious living area. Upon seeing the space, they quickly realize that the space is too huge. Consider your needs realistically and determine the exact amount of space you need.

The room’s size will directly affect the amount of furniture required to fill it. It can pose a challenge, particularly when you have a central point of focus that hinders the inclusion of several elements.

The size of your living room needs to be proportionate to the overall size of your house. Ensure that the dimensions are appropriate, neither excessively large nor insufficiently small.


Artistic and unique fireplace design by Elle Design Co in Wichita, Kansas

Think about what might happen in the future. You want your living room to be useful now and in the future. You don’t want a nice place that stops working well for your family after a while.

If you have kids, you want the living room to be able to change and adapt as they get older because they usually spend lots of time there. Make sure it will keep working for you in the future as well.

Is it a bad idea to have a living room that is lower than the rest of the house when you get older? Will it make your house worth less money later on?  Don’t let what might happen in the future stop you from making plans, but remember to think about it.


In today’s world, there is no shortage of styles and trends when it comes to interior design and decoration. One of the best things about decorating a home is that you get to decide what goes into it — you are free to be creative with your choices.

When designing your custom home living room, keep in mind that furniture should be chosen based on how well it complements all surroundings. You should also have a purpose for everything that goes into the room, lest the space feels cluttered and chaotic.

If you are thinking of creating a custom living room for your home, you want to be confident that the money and time you’ll spend will be well worth it. Purchasing a pre-built living room set is nice, but there is no denying the appeal of designing and building your own custom living room space.

You can achieve this by working with the interior designers from Elle Design Co., based in Wichita, KS. We help you make your home look good and reflect your style. Get in touch with us today at !