Your bedroom is where you can find refuge after a long day at work. It is a part of your house where you can get your much-needed rest, sleep, and allow you to recharge after a tiring day. You must decorate your bedroom so it will be cozy and promote sleep and relaxation. However, you will find it hard to enjoy those benefits if you don’t decorate or furnish your bedroom correctly. To help you avoid these, Elle Designs Co. will be sharing ten common mistakes that you should be avoiding when decorating your bedroom to guarantee maximum rest and relaxation. 

Not giving importance to artwork

The bedroom can be decorated with your favorite artwork. You do not want your bedroom walls to look bland and bare. Yes, we agree that your best artworks belong in the living room for everyone to see, especially if you have guests over.

However, you can also hang beautiful art in your bedroom. Since you sleep and wake up in your bedroom almost every day, you must place something inspiring that will help start your day in a good way. 

Not paying attention to your bedroom rug 

Choosing the right rug for your bedroom is important. You must choose one that suits your décor and furniture. If you have a carpet, a rug that complements your carpet is a good option. A rug comes in different sizes, so make sure to choose one that suits your bedroom’s size and scale. 

Not considering the mood lighting 

The bedroom ceiling must not be left bare. You can install an adjustable lighting fixture so you can dim or brighten the lights according to your mood. A chandelier can be a great fixture to set up in the middle of the bedroom for a more elegant look, so look for one that complements the style of your bedroom.

You can also install reading lights beside the bed if you are fond of reading before sleeping. Use indirect and task lighting that protects your eye from the glare so you won’t be having a hard time reading your favorite book at night. 

Not following a color scheme 

When remodeling your bedroom, do not forget to choose a color scheme and stick to it. Choose a color combination of colors that complement each other for a more complete look. You can go for relaxing and comforting hues like neutral shades to guarantee maximum relaxation in your bedroom space. For example, if you find a blue-green bed sheet that makes you feel calm and relaxed, you can add décor and furniture that complements it. 

Disregarding storage space 

The bedroom needs storage too! Your nightstand must have storage space so you can place your items inside it. This can help you organize your bedroom and prevent any unnecessary mess. You can go for a nightstand big enough to hold books, chargers, and other important things that you might need. You can opt for nightstands with built-in chargers so you can avoid too many exposed cords and wires in the bedroom.

Not considering the sizes of the furniture 

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When choosing furniture for your bedroom you must check if they are too small or too big for your bedroom. Properly scaled furniture can be tricky, especially when buying furniture online; you must check its proper measurements.

You can use blue tape to lay out the furniture in the bedroom; this can prevent you from making mistakes in case you purchase too big or too small furniture that won’t look good for your bedroom. If you see furniture that you are interested in buying, you must take the exact measurements and place the tape according to its width and length on the bedroom floor. This will allow you to see if the furniture fits perfectly for your bedroom space. 

Not cleaning the bedroom 

If there is too much mess in your bedroom, you won’t be able to relax and sleep properly. You must clean your bedroom regularly. You must eliminate clutter and make sure that your décor and furniture are not too big for your room.

If your furniture is too big, your bedroom will look too crowded and you won’t have enough space to move around. You must use storage solutions to reduce clutter in your bedroom. If you have items that you want to keep on your bedside table, you can use small containers or trays so you can organize them properly. 

Not installing multiple light sources 

Since you are not always sleeping in your bedroom, you must install multiple light sources. This will help you set the mood accordingly. For example, if you want to read a book at night, you can use a reading light on your bedside table. When preparing in the morning, you will need a bright overhead light so you can put on your makeup and check your outfit in full view. 

Not using neutral colors 

Be careful when choosing colors for your bedroom. You must avoid using bright colors because they will disrupt the calmness and relaxing effect of your bedroom. You must choose calm and relaxing colors instead. Warm and light neutral hues can work perfectly in your bedroom. 

Not focusing on the functionality of the bedroom 

When choosing curtains for your bedroom you must choose one that protects from the sun. Choose a curtain that goes from the ceiling to the floor to keep the sun out if you want to have a peaceful sleep even during the daytime. You can just simply open the window once you get up and start your day. 

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